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The benefits you get letting us interview your business for our website

  1. Cross advertising/marketing has been around for many years, but only a select number of people and businesses use this type of advertising, due to their lack of information regarding how well this type of marketing can really help them.
  2. Hyper-linking You have the option of applying a hyperlink to your website for your customer to read the story or you can place the complete story on your website w/video of the interview.
  3. 1yr preview spot on our Business Preview Page on the website
  4. When we publish your interview, it is seen by potential customers on Instagram, Twitter, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the internet.
  5. Video Presentation We will be videotaping the interview to add the interview to our website for your customers, this brings your business more engagements.
  6. The Interview is normally a 20-minute interview, but in some rare cases, it may go beyond 30-45 minutes. This depends on how much information you provide about your business. Your story length is controlled by the information I receive.
  7. We will not discuss business numbers or any de-crediting information of your business at any time in our business write-up. You will receive a nicely crafted creative personal business story for your customers to read and help engage more in your business.
  8. Our marketing team will ensure there are no grammar imperfections in your story, and add a hyperlink leading potential customers back to your website from our's..
  9. Pictures are the key to any business storyline. If we don’t see enough pictures on the internet of your business; we may ask you to allow us to take pictures of your business or production line.
  10. Videos of any process of your business are highly recommended. We will need the shareable link provided so we can add it to your storyline.
  11.  You also receive (1 year's) worth of blogs written by CSK displayed on Facebook about your business.
  12. The price for all services provided is $900.00 per business interview, $50 more for Spanish paragraphs under English paragraphs. (Guaranteed Satisfaction)

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