Automotive Drivability And Electrical Made Easy


Are you looking for an interesting automotive book? Well, you have found it! This book covers between beginner level and intermediate levels of automotive technicians with little or no knowledge of drivability and electrical diagnosis of all vehicles. I’m a Master A.S.E technician for 37 years working in and around all makes and models, performing drivability and electrical diagnosis for about 99% of my career. This book covers basic electrical needs and pictures of parts with just needed information to diagnose. I don’t write page after page details wasting your time talking about the part, a short description and functionality is all that’s needed in automotive today. This book will help anyone who has or has not made an attempt to learn to diagnose vehicles on a daily basis. The book has 32 pages of pics and graphs that will enlighten your performance as an automotive technician.

The book is available in 3-ways:

  1. Hardcover
  2. Softcover
  3. E-Book

    As an Author, I wanted to teach and encourage others aiming there careers into automotive a better understanding of the field.
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bhagwant singh
Wednesday, March 4th, 2020


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