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Carson Saw Shop

The Saw Shop is owned by Fred Carson, this saw shop has been open since 1937 in Eugene Oregon, family owned since the beginning. Fred was taught by his father and grandfathers the proper ways to maintain and sharpen items that require sharpening, working with decade’s old and new machinery to perform these tasks making customers happy. Throughout the years there hasn’t been many up to dated machines that could take place of the current machines needed for sharpening. Older functionable machines have been a tremendous help in the business progressing throughout the years of business,

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Head Start of Lane County

Many businesses have come and gone in the Lane County district, but one of many have tested the times and survived by remaining open. Head Start of Lane County has had an Executive Director (Annie Soto) for 24 years, and I had a chance to interview her during normal business hours and went through the many services offered at her location. Annie Soto is an astonishing person to be in charge of so many employees that love and care for children’s needs. As she stated she “helps children get ready for school and get ready

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Laura Y Daisy Panaderia Mexicana

Meet the owner

Elizabeth is the owner of this Panaderia Mexicana business. This business has been in Eugene, Oregon for 15 years and Elizabeth has been a worker for this business for some time and finally bought the business for her family. The products sold at this store are more common Mexican candies, breads (handmade), birthday and other events, cakes and piñatas for parties. Mostly, this store is known for their bread that is made in the store and distributed to local businesses and food trucks that service the area.

    Elizabeth y su

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Tienda Y Panaderia Santiago

Meet the owner

Maria Contreras is the owner of Tienda Y Panaderia Santiago, and has established the business for approximately 11 years. Maria works at the store with her family as a family business. Maria says that the bread she makes is just like being in Oaxaca, MX. Many customers travel from afar to get some of the hot bread she makes fresh daily. Some travel from as far as California, Washington, Salem, and Portland. Maria also sells Piñatas for big or small parties as well as other common Mexican products. Her store is

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The Marketers Behind Kinergy Tech

Kinergy Tech, What is it? Well, this is a well-established marketing team geared around the digital side of marketing and other related IT services. I had the great opportunity to speak with Rochiemar Carson which is one of the leading digital marketing team advisers and an IT specialist; I could tell from our conversation, that I sat down with the right person to tell their story.

There are two well-qualified digital marketing team advisers here at Kinergy Tech; they both play a vital role in the creation of a client’s web portfolio, as per clients request,

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Hillary Baker of RE/MAX in Lane County

RE/MAX is a very large real estate company with locations throughout the United States. Hillary Baker is proud to be with RE/MAX since 2012. She was recently promoted from a Buyer Specialist to a full service Real Estate Broker. This has been such a great opportunity for her to branch out on her own as a licensed broker, and start making a business for herself helping clients purchase the home of their dreams. Looking back at Hillary’s past during the last recession, her family had to change their outlook on their careers in order to

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Tim Greathouse, Owner of Core Star Center

We had the honor of sitting down with Tim Greathouse, owner and operator of the Core Star Center. His demo team was preparing for their upcoming event in the Dojang (a formal training hall). Tim holds a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo (TKD) that he has committed himself to every day for the last 30 years, and he is still an active competitor on the world level. If one belt was not enough, he also holds a 1st-degree black belt in Hapkido and a belt in Capoeira. Through his true love and commitment to

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Kind Words and Reviews

"Thank you Craig Kenney for the interview and the articulate write up on our company! It was refreshing and a good check point awareness/motivational boost for us. It was great to have someone with Craig's interviewing and thorough review of Kinergy Tech's present state and future aim. If you would like an expert to come in and give a thorough review of your company reach out to Craig!"

-Rochiemar Carson, COO & Founder
Kinergy Tech, Eugene, OR
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